The Mission and Goals Statement of any church is an essential guideline and cornerstone that can and should be referred to often. Whenever a church seems to be straying off the path without a clear mandate or specific assignment, it is helpful to look to the Mission and Goals Statement once again.

The missions and goals of any organization, any business, large or small, is a shining beacon and a light onto the path that was set forth. Whenever any organization deviates from the course, the Mission and Goals Statement points the way back to the trail. Without the foundational principles of a mission and goals statement, we would not know where to go or how to get there.

Our Vision Statement

"We exist to see our neighborhood transformed into a vibrant community through the love and power of Jesus Christ."

There is plenty of room for your family at Grace Family Church. If you would like to help with our mission and vision and help us to meet our goal in the Waterboro area and the surrounding communities, please feel free to contact us or see our 'Directions' page and visit us for worship and fellowship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM. We'd love to meet you and your family.

'There is Room in God's Family For You'